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 Contract & Property Disputes

Dealing with Your Property Dispute in Williams Lake

Oliver & Co. provides first-class legal services to clients across Williams Lake. A property dispute arises if/when there is a disagreement over the location of the property, what takes place on it, or due to the terms of a real estate transaction. Similarly, when a contract is agreed upon verbally or in a written format with either a company or person, there can be issues if there is a breach of contract or a term has not been followed. Such situations call for legal assistance from a professional. At Oliver & Co., we have the expertise to address the following contract and property disputes:

Employee and employer contracts

Landlord/tenant disputes

Businesses and customer disputes


Real estate contracts

Boundary issues

Builders’ liens

Other real estate matters

We will assess your legal options and help you resolve the matter. For further assistance, contact a member of our team for an initial interview, and book an appointment with one of our lawyers.

Property Disputes Dealt Tactfully

Are you involved in a dispute pertaining to a real estate transaction? Contact a member of our team for legal support.

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