Contract and Property Disputes

 Some examples of contract and property disputes that we have addressed:

  • Employee and employer contracts
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Businesses and customer disputes
  • Injunctions
  • Real estate contracts
  • Boundary issues
  • Builder’s liens
  • Other real estate matters


If you have a verbal or written agreement with a person or company, then both parties have an obligation to follow the terms of the contract. If you believe that a term has not been followed or if there is a breach of contract, you might need help to resolve the problem.  

Similarly, a property dispute can arise in situations where there is disagreement over the terms of a real estate transaction, the location of a property or what takes place on the property.

In both of these situations, it is worthwhile to assess your legal options and how to resolve the matter. To help you determine this, contact Roxanne or Sonia for an initial interview and to book an appointment with Daniel Patterson or Patricia Weber.